Solo exhibitions

2011  24 Gallery, Athens
2008  Polyedro Gallery, Patras
2006  Ekfrasi Gallery, Athens
2003  Polyedro Gallery, Patras

Main group exhibitions

2014 «SAY IT> GR», former Knoll Gallery, Vienna
2013 “Modern Greek Art Exhibition at Shanghai”
2013 “Urban Fish Tales”, Saint Athanasios Art space, Naoussa of Paros
2013 “The Greek summer of Jacques Lacarrière”, Ianos Gallery, Athens
2012 “90 cartes postales from Smyrna”, tribute to the 90 years from the Micrasiatic

Catastrophe, Ianos Gallery, Athens
2012 “To Be…”, art tribute to William Shakespeare, Ianos Gallery, Athens
2012 “10x10. Images and literature. Ten painters ‘read’ ten writers”, 24 Gallery,

2011, 2012 “Truth is always absurd”, art tribute to Alexandros Papadiamantis,

Municipality of Athens Cultural Centre “Melina”, Archaeological Museum of

2011 “Self-portrait”, Gavras Gallery, Athens
2011 “Mesologgi through art today”, Moshandreou Gallery in collaboration with

Ersi Gallery, Mesologgi
2009 “Happened in Athens”, Municipality of Athens Cultural Centre “Melina”
2008 “Aegina of painters”, Municipality of Athens Cultural Centre “Melina”
2008 “Aegina landscape”, Municipality of Aegina Historical and Folklore Museum
2008 “15 artists”, Cyclades Gallery, Syros
2006 “Artistic flair from Greece”, Aleppo, Damascus
2003  Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece members micro-painting exhibition, C.F.A.G.

Gallery, Athens
2001 “Attempts at poetic realism”, Ekfrasi Gallery, Athens
2001  Graduates 2000 exhibition, A.S.F.A. Ergostasio Gallery, Athens
2000  Aeriko Gallery, Athens